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Councillor Andrew Betts


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Andrew Kevin Betts was born , raised and still resides in the beautiful Village of Doaktown. He is a big believer in hard work, God the Father, and the importance of family. He is married to Erica Betts and they have two beautiful children.
Andrew is the owner and manager of Clay Hill Equipment, specializing in land management and tree harvesting. In 2010 he started his company with just himself. Today it has grown into a sizeable company directly employing 30 men in the Doaktown area. In 2019 he was awarded the top ten in Canada under 40 years of age by the Canadian Forestry Industries. Recognizing forestry’s next generation.
Andrew has always enjoyed sports and is now teaching his son these skills along with other children in the community. He would love to see the next generation of youth transformed into the people of the future.  He will be working towards the betterment of the Youth in our community.

About Doaktown

The village of Doaktown is located in the heart of the Miramichi, along the Miramichi River. The famous Miramichi River is one of the most productive salmon rivers in the world, in both past and present day. Not only is the Southwest Miramichi River among the top 10 cleanest rivers in the world, it is home to the elusive Atlantic salmon that has tempted the skill of men for centuries. Doaktown's history is both colourful and diverse, changing with time and industry. Home to the Atlantic Salmon Museum, the Doak Historic Site, the Old Mill Pond Golf Club, and numerous fishing and outdoor adventure experiences.

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