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WELCOME to the Village of Doaktown!

Welcome to the Village of Doaktown nestled in the valley of the Upper Southwest Miramichi River and famous the world over for its’ fishing (the incomparable Atlantic salmon), its’ quiet friendliness and its’ easy going lifestyle.

Come for a visit or, better yet, come for “longer.” It’s not only the salmon that find the love of the Miramichi a powerful one!

There’s something about our River that makes people say with a sigh of relief “I’m Home!”


LAND AREA :  28.74 square kilometers (17.86 square miles)
POPULATION :  888 (2006 Canada Census)

Village Details


The Harmonized Sales Tax (HST) of 15 percent applies to most goods and services.



Generally moderate, our climate varies from mild to hot in the summer and in winter from moderate to very cold. Average summer rain fall is 85 mm (3.3”) per month. Average summer temperature is 23°C (73°F). Average winter temperature is -5°C (23°F).



Visitors from outside Canada can exchange their currency for Canadian currency at banks or any other financial institution where the best rate of exchange can be obtained. In Doaktown, please visit Scotiabank located at 298 Main Street, Doaktown, NB E9C 1E2 (TEL: 506-365-7316).



Doaktown is located in the Atlantic Standard Time Zone which is one hour later than Eastern Standard Time. We also participate in Daylight Saving Time which means that on the second Sunday of March every year, our clocks go ahead an hour and stay that way until the first Sunday in November when they are turned back an hour.

Time Zone

Tender Call for Winter Maintenance 2022-2023

Tender Packages may be obtained at the Municipal Village Office. Appendix “A” and “B” are included and must be submitted with your tender.

Sealed tenders ,clearly marked “Tender #VOD 2022-10 – Winter Maintenance Services” on the envelope, will be accepted by mail or personal delivery at the Doaktown Municipal Office c/o Acting Clerk Karen Petitpas, 8 Miramichi Street, Doaktown NB E9C 1N8, until Friday November 4, 2022, at 3:00 pm for the purpose of Winter Maintenance Services.

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Local Governance Reform Implementation Process

As part of the local governance reform, compulsory from the Province of New Brunswick, the Village of Doaktown and the Parish of Blissfield (excluding crown land) will be amalgamating to make what the province has identified as Entity 23.  Below is a map that shows the areas that will form Entity 23 officially in 2023.

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Our Mayor


Mayor Caroline St-Pierre TaylorCaroline St-Pierre Taylor, elected Mayor May 10, 2021 for a 5 year term.



  • Mayor Caroline St-Pierre Taylor: (506) 476-0525
  • Deputy Mayor Beresford Price: (506) 259-3636
  • Councillor Art O'Donnell: (506) 261-3298
  • Councillor Andrew Betts: (506) 262-1944
  • Councillor Paige Storey: (506) 625-1575
  • Village Office: (506) 365-7970
  • Water & Wastewater (Shawn Brown): (506) 365-0138
  • Arena Manager (Mark Betts): (506) 365-7945; Cell (506) 365-0411

Village Attractions

Fishing/ Canoeing

The Doaktown/ Upper Miramichi area boasts some of the greatest Salmon fishing and canoeing available in all of Canada.


The River, its salmon, the wildlife and our spectacular scenery have made this area a year-round tourist destination. For a small rural community, we offer a surprising array of services and amenities, and given our long history of welcoming “sports” to share in our River, you’ll find us friendly and eager to welcome you too.


The Atlantic Salmon Museum offers a unique perspective in our area's rich fishing history.

The Doak House transports you in time when hard work and a simpler life connected the entire community


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The question I always get is "Why did you move to Doaktown" as an inquisitive question from people we meet.
I could not believe the friendliness of the town, with people dropping off goodies on our doorstep, delivering groceries, delivering hardware items and deliver take-out to us.
We could not wait to explore our town. We were in awe, crossing over the bridge. The scenery was breathtaking. To this day, I still get the same feeling when I cross over the bridge. The beautiful trees and the mighty Miramichi river, right at our fingertips. There are so many places to explore, the covered bridge at Nelson's Hollow, Priceville Footbridge, so many trails and places to swim.
The town itself has everything you need here, something I did not have when I lived in Ontario in a very small town. The people are very friendly and are willing to help you out anytime you call on them.
We have made many friendships and our social calendar is full.
In conclusion, Doaktown is where we will lay our roots.
Thank you to all the people we have met so far. You have been gracious in accepting us into your, and now our, community.

Jenny Chappell

New Resident of the Village of Doaktown


  • NOTICE - Public Hearing on Amendment of Rural Plan By-Law
    NOTICE - Public Hearing on Amendment of Rural Plan By-Law NOTICE - Public Hearing Village of Doaktown Notive of intention to amend the rural planby-law
    Written on Friday, 10 June 2022
  • Newly Appointed Deputy Mayor
    Newly Appointed Deputy Mayor The Village of Doaktown welcomes the newly appointed Deputy Mayor, Bresford Price. When Mayor Taylor was elected, she stated that she wanted each councilor to experience the Deputy Mayor position, if they so choose. We would like to thank Councilor Paige Storey for her role as Deputy Mayor from June…
    Written on Wednesday, 08 June 2022
  • Village of Doaktown Nite Lite Parade
    Written on Monday, 14 March 2022
    COVID GUIDELINES Municipal Office   Garage at 328 Main Street All that enter the building must wear a mask.   All that enter the building must wear a mask. One person at the counter at a time.   Social Distancing Social Distancing   Hand Washing Hand Washing    
    Written on Thursday, 09 December 2021

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About Doaktown

The village of Doaktown is located in the heart of the Miramichi, along the Miramichi River. The famous Miramichi River is one of the most productive salmon rivers in the world, in both past and present day. Not only is the Southwest Miramichi River among the top 10 cleanest rivers in the world, it is home to the elusive Atlantic salmon that has tempted the skill of men for centuries. Doaktown's history is both colourful and diverse, changing with time and industry. Home to the Atlantic Salmon Museum, the Doak Historic Site, the Old Mill Pond Golf Club, and numerous fishing and outdoor adventure experiences.

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Village of Doaktown

Address: 8 Miramichi Street, Doaktown, NB, Canada, E9C 1C8

Phone: 506-365-7970

Fax: 506-365-7111

Email: info@doaktown.ca